Learn English for Human Resources | Inglés para Recursos Humanos

Would you like to learn how to use Human Resources Key Terms? Here we go!


The tension that arises between conflicting ideas, interacting forces, or competing interests. The term can also be used to explain the process of reconciling opposing opinions or facts by means of argument and discussion.


An enduring framework of beliefs, values, and ways of doing things that can exist at the individual and organizational levels. A shared philosophy is a powerful way of creating a common purpose and set of expectations as to how people behave.


With our training in U24Business you should be able to:

– Understand the challenges faced by management in using people as human resources.

– Understand the implications of changing environments for the way people are managed.

– Develop effective strategies for managing tension and conflict at work in English.

– Explain why an underpinning philosophy is a necessary part of effective people management.

– Understand why the emotional dimension of work is critical to the effective management of people.


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