You’ve sold it to me

What does this expression mean?

When someone convinces you of something you say:

«You’ve sold it to me»

This means I fully agree with you. Now I am convinced of what you say.

Now in Spanish:

¿Qué quiere decir esta expresión?

«Te lo compro»

Me has convencido. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo ahora.

¿Cómo se pronuncia?








«Yuvsóldit tumí»









Escribe un par de ejemplos de frases con esta expresión como comentarios.


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8 comentarios en “You’ve sold it to me

  1. When you are finding a place to travel but you are between two places and you are not too sure which one To pick
    Someone describes you a place and It sounds really good, the place Is incredible and without having a look To the other place, you decide to go to this amazing place

  2. tomorrow evening will have a custom party in a flat of a friend. Many people are going to come and you could drink and eat a lot of thing. But you have to come with woman clothes, wig and high heles. Do you want to come?

    ok, you’ve sold it to me

  3. Ufff, it’s amazing, he said this experience will be the biggest experience of his life…. jumping from the bridge … and a few days later he jumped…
    and now he wants to repeat it again… but…nude!!!!!

  4. When I want to convince somebody to make an extra work at night, I promise extra free hours in the next days.

    Normally they say, «ok, you’ve sold it to me».

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