I’m In On ThAt – Aprende a usar In, On, At


Do you know when and how to use the prepositions In, On and At? Are you comfortable with each one of them?

Chances are, that even if you are an advanced fluent English speaker, you will find yourself wondering which one to use when.

In – can be short for ‘Inside’, which can be a physical enclosed space, for example:

“I am sitting in my lounge”

In – can be used to indicate an interest or to express a feeling, for example:

“I am interested in Golf”

In – Is used for specific places or cities, for example:

“She lives in Ibi, in Alicante”

In – Is used for times of day like mornings and afternoons as well as months and years, for example:

“I went to Greece in 2013. It was in the summer”

On – can be thought of as a short version of “on top of….”

“the book is on the table”

On – is used for days of the week:

“we have our English class on Tuesdays”

On – is used when talking about technology:

“He´s on the phone (or computer)”

On – to talk about the state or condition of something”

“This car is on offer right now!”

AT – is used for time:

“Let´s meet at 12 o´clock”

At – is used for locations:

“I´m at home, in my office”

At – is used when referring to activities:

“He´s pretty good at tennis”

Now it’s time to turn words into action. The best way for you to become comfortable and fluent with this is by practicing it as much as you can. So go ahead and use it freely, it’s a great way to spruce up your English!

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