Here’s what you’re dying to know about Gerard

Let’s practice a little bit you listening when the other person is scottish.

First of all let’s talk about who this guy is. Gerard Butler actually has quite a mild scottish accent. And sometimes he sounds a little bit american. Maybe it is his Hollywood career, or his time in Canada.

Who is Gerard Butler?


Full Name: Gerard James Butler

Birthday: November 13, 1969

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

Marital Status: Single

Family: He is the youngest of three children (he has a brother and sister) and spent time the first few years of his life in Canada before returning to Scotland. His mother and stepfather still live in Scotland. His father is deceased.

Former Occupation: Lawyer (He has a law degree from Glasgow University, where he was also president of the school’s law society, but he was fired from his firm one week before qualifying as a lawyer)

Home: He also has a loft in New York City and a home in Los Angeles.  He splits his time between both.

Pets: In the Spring of 2006, he adopted a pug puppy named Lolita.

Religion: He was raised Catholic, but beyond that we have no further information.

Skills: Football (soccer), horse riding, skiing, water skiing. Lead singer in rock band “Speed”.

Other Info: He stopped drinking alcohol years ago. He has NEVER been engaged or married (contrary to claims made by some).

Now let’s listen to the guy and pick up a few words and expressions we can use…

I’m dying to know about it. It means somebody is really willing to hear or find out about something or someone.

Me muero de ganas por saberlo. Quiere decir que alguien está realmente deseando averiguar o saber de algo o alguien.

Almost, kind of. A little bit, in a way, to some extent.

Casi, algo así. Un poco, una mijilla, en cierto modo, hasta cierto punto.

Engaged. About to be married to someone.

Prometido, comprometido. A punto de casarse con alguien.

An internet rumour. Some idea that has been spread in the internet, not necessarily true.

Un rumor en internet. Una idea que se ha esparcido por la red, no necesariamente verídica.

Still alive. Not dead yet.

Todavía vivo. Que no se ha muerto todavía.

Ticklish. He will laugh like mad if you tickle him.

Que tiene muchas cosquillas. Que se ríe como loco si le haces cosquillas.

To do a pretty good job. To do something to quite a good standard. To do something really well.

Hacer un trabajo bastante bien. Hacer algo con un grado de habilidad muy alto. Hacerlo realmente bien. 

To chew tobacco. Yes! In the States some people chew tobacco like they would with chewing gum.

Masticar tabaco. ¡Si! En Estados Unidos algunas personas mascan tabaco igual que se hace con el chicle.

To still surf. To practice surf after some time.

Surfear todavía. Practicar surf después de mucho tiempo (algún tiempo).

From time to time. Every now and again. Not very often, but still doing something not very regularly.

De vez en cuando. De cuando en cuando. No muy amenudo, pero haciendo algo con alguna regularidad.

To have an accent in real life. To speak with a particular accent and not faking it!

Tener acento en la vida real. Hablar con un acento concreto, ¡sin imitarlo!


Copy and paste this statements in a comment on this post, and answer them about yourself:

  • You are a remarkable badminton player.
  • You are engaged.
  • You do a pretty good job selling stuff.
  • Your mum cooks the best paella ever.
  • You wrote a book about birdlife.

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