Ejercicio inglés financiero | Nivel B1



In the following conversation between two work colleagues (Nigel and James), Nigel explains to James how he uses and manages his money in his private/personal life.



From the context, try to guess what the meaning of the words/phrases in bold are. Then write as a comment on this post, a sentence with each of these words/phrases.


James:      ‘Nigel, do you own your house?’


Nigel:        ‘Yes, I do. It’s mine. I purchased it 5 years ago. And you? Do you own your house?’


James:      ‘No, I don’t. I rent mine.’


Nigel:        ‘If you don’t mind me asking, how much money do you pay in rent each month?’


James:      ‘I pay £900 each month to the owner of the property. But I want to buy a property, you know a house or an apartment.’


Nigel:        ‘I understand. But you should be careful. When I bought my house, it cost me £390,000. But because of the crisis in the economy, its value has decreased a lot. So, if I tried to sell it now, I would get a lot less. But at the moment, nobody wants to buy property. Plus, when I bought the house I had to pay for a solicitor (which is a type of lawyer) to organise the legal documents. And solicitors charge a lot of money for doing this service. My solicitor charged me £4,500.’


James:      ‘So, what is your house worth now? How much money could you sell it for?’


Nigel:        ‘A similar house in my street was sold for £290,000 last month. So I suppose it’s now worth between £290,000 to £330,000. So, if I could sell it I would make a loss of about £60,000. But to be honest, I think when I bought the house, I overpaid. 5 years ago, my house wasn’t worth £390,000. I should have paid £300,000 for it at most.’


James:      ‘My god! You have lost a lot of money.’


Nigel:        ‘Yes, I have. But the property I had before my current house, I made a profit when I sold it, a very big profit. When I bought it, I paid £120,000. When I sold it 6 years later, it was worth £275,000. So I made a profit of £155,000.’


James:      Wow! Well done, you!’


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2 comentarios en “Ejercicio inglés financiero | Nivel B1

  1. He lives in his own world.
    You may make to finance a purchase very easy,
    I need rent a car quickly.
    I pay a rent each month.
    I want to buy a property,
    The jacket cost me 50 €,
    What is the value of this ring?
    I will sell muy house soon.
    The lawyers charges a hundred pounds an hour,
    The worth of that house has been reduced,
    I made a loss of about 1000 € when i sold my shares,
    I overpaid when i bought the shares stock.
    I made a profit when i sold the shares,

  2. This is the problem of the crisis, People make more money trading houses than working.
    If you teach your children that way for win money, they don´t want work in a routine work. Easy money is not good..

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