Context Understanding Activity




Write on a post the right word.


1) Communication is one of the most demanded DONKEYS in companies, and one of the most helpful abilities in life. Focusing solely on “your level” of English is a mistake, as having a certificate does not necessarily make you an effective communicator.

2) Delivering and receiving messages and connecting with the person or people in front of you, is much more important than DOGS in a “perfect” way.

3) Have you ever felt that speaking a language well means speaking quickly? Not so. Most of the best communicators speak slowly, enunciating every CAT, so that the audience understands.

4) When someone tries to speak fast to show that they are fluent in another LION, they often cause the opposite effect, as the audience gets lost or bored. Speaking unhurriedly is a sign of confidence.

5) In order to speak confidently, it is important to also be MOUSE about the message you want to transmit and what for. What, specifically, do you want to achieve through the communication?

6) it is better to spend more time organising your thoughts and working on your GIRAFFE than obsessing about your limited vocabulary and possible grammar mistakes.

7) my teacher used to say to me: “Why say in one hundred words what you can say in ten?” Once you are clear on your message, the next step is to TIGER it in a concise way.

8) A study shows that the employees at this company are 11% more ELEPHANT if they have a break every hour”.





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