‘Blowing Your Own Trumpet’

What do we mean when we say someone ‘is blowing his own trumpet’? How can we use it while speaking Business English?


¿Qué queremos decir cuando decimos que alguien ‘está soplando su propia trompeta’? ¿Cómo podemos utilizarla al hablar inglés de negocios?



When someone blows his own trumpet we mean that person is talking far too much about his achievements. We do have an expression in Spanish that has a similar meaning: ‘Echarse flores’ (to oneself)


Cuando alguien ‘blows his own trumpet’ queremos decir que esa persona está hablando demasiado de sus propios logros. Tenemos una expresión similar en Español: ‘Echarse flores’ (a uno mismo)



‘At the risk of blowing my own trumpet I have to mention that I finished first the project yet again’ (excuse me when I talk about my achievements)

‘No quiero que parezca que me echo flores, pero tengo que decir que he terminado el proyecto una vez más’



Try to come up with three sentences in Present Simple, Present Continuous and Past Continuous using the expression ‘to blow your own trumpet’, and post it as a comment at the end of this article.


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5 comentarios en “‘Blowing Your Own Trumpet’

  1. Please don’t blow your trumpet again, people are getting bored about you.

    Peter is always blowing his own trumpet, he could be more humble.

    He was always blowing his own trumpet till the teacher told him «nobody is perfect»

  2. I am blowing my own trumpet because I closed the deal again
    Don’t blow your own trumpet because the result was merit of the whole team.
    I was blowing my own trumpet because I finished first

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