Phone conversations

¿Compartimos frases para usar al hablar inglés de negocios por teléfono? Here we go!


UK – mobile phone / mobile

US – cellphone

ES – teléfono móvil / móvil


Vocabulario útil para hablar por teléfono en inglés:

Picking up the phone…

Hello, Garrigues y Asociados, how can I help you?

Who’s speaking please?

Hold the line, please.

No, I’m sorry, I’m afraid Mrs Feith is not here today.

Can I take a message?



I’m sorry, Mrs Verdu is not here at the moment. Can she call you back later?

Can you put me through to the accounts department please?

The receptionist put me on hold for over fifteen minutes.

I couldn’t ask her about the invoicing problems because we got cut off in the middel of our conversation.

He was really angry with her and hung up before she could explain.

He’s out of the office today. You could call him on her mobile.

I kept calling them but I couldn’t get through. The line’s busy.

She doesn’t want to phone her. She talks for hours. It’s easier to send a text message.



Choose the right word:   text – coverage – busy – signal – line 

I’ve been trying to […] you all morning. The first time I called, the […] went dead. The second time it was […]. Then I couldn’t get a […] on mobile. Maybe there’s no […] in that area. Anyway, in the end I decided to send you this […] message instead.

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