Designer Jargon #1

Would you like to use some interior designer jargon to sound like the real thing? Here we go now with the first of a series of articles on the subject!



Describes a space that is allowed to breath; not contrived

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«Exhausted from stuffy rooms with an artificial air, the homeowner sought to create an honest style in her Santa Monica bungalow, with a relaxed sense of breezy beach living.» Jason Arnold.


Building interest through various levels of elements

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«The layered bedroom featured a sheepskin rug underfoot, velvet throw blankets for the bed, colourful wool pillow shams and striking contemporary art that tied the many different textures and patterns together.» Karen Vidal.


Design term for «trust me, you’ll like it»

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«The newly-designed home featured a chic bedroom, a chic bathroom, chic pillows, chic rugs and chic pencil holders.» Jeff Andrews.


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  1. Finally, our project for the hotel has been an honest one, we had the same problems because the reception is small and it needs several sofas and tables, lamps, etc., because there isn’t too much light…. But we had achieved a harmonic and decluttered space,with artificial light and plants.

  2. After my first meeting with my client, I suggested him an honest style, because his busy life style requires more simplicity, and creating fresher and clearer lines in his home, to get good vibes when he walks in.

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