Hotel Vocabulary; how to say NO

Declining something… How do you say NO in a polite way?


When you are sure you can’t


I am terribly sorry madam, we cannot accept it


It is out of our rule sir, we can’t help you sir


That’s very kind of you, but no, thank you


I’m afraid we cannot do that


That won’t be necessary, madam, but thank you all the same


This is out of our scope, sir


I’m sorry, there is no discount


I’m sorry sir, I’m afraid we don’t have any available (rooms)


What you are requesting is beyond our capability madam



When you are uncertain…


I will try my very best, but can’t guarantee you, madam


I will definitely try sir, but I’m not quite sure


I’m sorry we cannot guarantee, but we’ll do our best


I’m so sorry madam. I’m afraid I’m not quite sure, but I’ll ask someone for you


If you could wait a moment sir, I’ll try to find it out for you



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