Frases en Inglés para Restaurantes

Vamos a practicar frases en inglés para hostelería, sobre todo para restaurantes. Si eres maitre o camarero, te puede ayudar mucho practicarlas.


The host or hostess


When you first go in, the host or hostess will want to know how many people are eating with you. They might ask:

How many?


Or, in a fancier restaurant:

How many are in your party?


If they can see how many people walked in together, they might simply ask:



Some popular restaurants expect you to have a reservation before you come. In that case, the hostess might ask:

Do you have a reservation?


If the place is really busy, you might have to wait. They’ll say:

It’s going to be about a 15-minute wait.


If you decide to wait, they’ll write your name on a list:

Can I get your name?


And then, when it’s your turn to sit:

Mr. Knight, your table is ready.


The host or hostess will take you to your table with one of these phrases:

Right this way.

Follow me, please.


If it’s a nice restaurant, they may ask:

Would you like me to take your jackets for you?


And then they say goodbye:

Jacob will be your server tonight.

Enjoy your meal.

The waiter or waitress

The waiter will usually start off by introducing him- or herself:

Welcome to D’Angelo’s. My name is Rebecca.


Depending on the atmosphere of the restaurant, they may try to make some small talk:

How are you doing this evening?


If the restaurant has daily specials, the server will tell you about them:

Let me tell you about our specials today. We have a miso-glazed Chilean Sea Bass with a side of mashed sweet potatoes and sauteed spinach.


Then you’re expected to order drinks:

Can I get you anything to drink?


If you’re not sure, the server will offer to come back again in a few minutes:

Do you need a little time to decide?


They’ll go around the table to each person, using phrases like these:

And for you sir?

And for you miss?

What can I get for you?


Then they’ll leave:

I’ll be right back with your drinks.


When the waiter or waitress returns, he or she will ask you to order your food:

Are you ready to order?


If the dish you order has a choice of side dishes, they’ll offer to let you choose:

That comes with either fries or a baked potato. Which would you prefer?

Would you like fries with that, or a baked potato?


If you ask for something, the server will say:



Or at a fancier restaurant:



But if you ask for something that’s not available, you’ll hear:

Oh, I’m sorry. We’re all out of the salmon.


When the waiter or waitress brings you your food, they’ll probably ask:

Can I get you anything else?


After you’re finished eating everything, someone will come to collect your dishes:

Would you like me to take that?


Then the server will come out to ask about your meal and offer dessert:

How was everything?

Can I interest you in our dessert menu?


When you’re finished with your meal, they’ll offer to bring you the check:

I’ll bring the check right out.


And sometimes there are questions about the check:

Would you like me to split it?

Do you need any change?


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