Prepositions of Time

In English, the prepositions of time are ‘AT‘, ‘IN‘ and ‘ON

When do we use ‘AT‘?

We use ‘AT‘ with a specific time.

I get up at 6:45.

She goes to work at a quarter past eight.

They usually take a break at midday.

When do we use ‘IN‘?

We use ‘IN‘ with parts of the day, seasons, months, years, centuries and long periods.

I only work in the morning. In the afternoon, I go shopping.

They go to the beach in summer.

He was born in July.

She started her career in 2010.

Many cathedrals were built in the Middle Ages. 

When do we use ‘ON‘?

We use ‘ON‘ with days and dates.

He was born on the 20th of May.

The year starts on the 1st of January.

He plays football on Fridays.

But there are also exceptions:

At Christmas, we had a big family dinner.

At Easter, they watched a beautiful parade.

He works at night.

They went to the cinema at the weekend.

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