Tenses Activity Solutions

Solutions from our previous activity on Tenses.

Moving house I come from a very large family and recently my parents have decided (DECIDE) that they had spent (SPEND) long enough living in an overcrowded house in Stroud.

“We are moving (MOVE) to the country”, my father announced (ANNOUNCE) one evening.

“I am selling/ am going to sell/will sell (SELL) this house and we will live /will be living / are going to live (LIVE) on a farm”.

So last week we loaded (LOAD) all our belongings into a hired van, and for the last few days we have been trying (TRY) to organise ourselves in our new home.

Yesterday, for example, my three sisters and I started (START) painting the upstairs rooms.

Unfortunately, while I was mixing (MIX) the paint, one of my sisters opened (OPEN) the door.

Nobody told (TELL) her that we were (BE) in the room.

So instead of painting the walls we spent (SPEND) al morning cleaning paint off the floor.

But worse things have happened (HAPPEN) since then.

This morning, when I woke (WAKE) up, water was dripping (DRIP) through the ceiling next to my bed.

We have spent (SPENT) the last five hours repairing the roof. It is not all bad news though.

The school in the village nearby closed (CLOSE) down two years ago, and my parents have not found (NOT FIND) another school for us yet.

Comes from this activity about tenses.

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