Activity Prepositions at the End of Questions

Work with a partner. Say what the question is. Use the underlined preposition in your question. There may be more than one possible solution.

1. Question:

Answer: The movie was directed by Will Smith.

2. Question:

Answer: The cake is for Auxi.  It’s her 29th birthday today.

3. Question:

Answer: Our office is close to City Hall.

4. Question:

Answer: Juan talked about changes to the company’s commission structure.

5. Question:

Answer: Spain played against Germany in the final game of the 2010 World Cup.

6. Question:

Answer: I think she might be from Czech Republic, but I’m not sure.

7. Question:

Answer: I think they went in Rocio’s office

8. Question:

Answer: I presented after Ana.

9. Question:

Answer: I think they’re from Zimbabue.

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