Use the superlative form to describe something that is greater than any other thing.
The Amazon is the longest river in the world.
Helen is the most intelligent student in the class.



1)            Write the before all superlatives.


2)            If an adjective is short and has one syllable, add est to the end. If it ends in e already, just add st.
tall          =>           the tallest                           nice        =>           the nicest
thick      =>           the thickest                        late        =>           the latest


3)            If an adjective ends in one vowel and one consonant, write the consonant again, then write est. But never write a w twice.

big          =>           the biggest

new       =>           the newest (NOT newwest)
thin        =>           the  thinnest

slow       =>           the slowest (NOT slowwest)
slim        =>           the slimmest


The biggest cat in the world is the lion.


4)            If an adjective has two syllables and ends in y, change the y to i and add est.
funny    =>           the funniest       

silly         =>           the silliest

It’s the silliest film I’ve ever seen!


5)            For other adjectives with two or more syllables, DON’T add est. Write most before the adjective.
interesting          =>           the most interesting

surprising            =>           the most surprising

                It’s the most interesting book I’ve ever read.


6)            Some adjectives have irregular superlative forms. These are listed below.
good      =>           the best
                bad        =>           the worst
far          =>           the furthest


7)            In is often (but not always) used after a superlative adjective to describe where this statement is true.

                Manchester is the second biggest city in England.

                Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

                My brother is the tallest person in my family.

Image by Janos Perian from Pixabay

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