14 Phone Customer Service Techniques you really Need to Master

Customer-centric companies are benefitting from increasing the service quality of their phone conversations. Making these customer interactions more personal, professional and effective can increase customer satisfaction, promote a positive brand image and increase revenue for the company.

Enhancing the customer service techniques of call center agents should therefore be a focus of any customer-centric company.

Below is a list of 14 techniques to provide amazing customer service over the phone.


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clases de inglés de negocios para empresas U24business

Salario en inglés

Para trabajar en el extranjero o en una empresa de ámbito internacional te hará falta inglés de recursos humanos. Si trabajas en recursos humanos tú mismo, tendrás que participar en procesos de selección en inglés y gestionar el activo más valioso de tu empresa; las personas.


Recordar conceptos como ‘salario’ en inglés, y otros muchos te va a ayudar. ¿Lo practicamos juntos?

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Evento @BTBMalaga 1 de abril de 2016

Consulta aquí la Agenda del Evento BTB del 1 de Abril de 2016 y utiliza el vocabulario para mejorar tu inglés de negocios, de la mano del Business Time Breakfast de U24Business.


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Influence first step

On a previous blog I shared the behavioural indicators I use in my professional and personal environment. So I started talking about the Motivation and Working traits and how they work to move people to decide in one direction or another in a particular context. The first step for me is to use these indicators […]


Discretionary effort #PostEnInglés #RecursosHumanos

Human Resources - inglés recursos humanos U24BusinessAnother week starts in this fabulous 2016, and we are again reaching those managers and Human Resources (Recursos Humanos) guys who want to practice their business English. That of course does not mean you cannot benefit from practicing these concepts if you are not an entrepreneur or manager or human resources executive. In fact, they will help you whatever1  you do in business.

We are going to work briefly2 the term ‘discretionary effort3’. What do we mean in HR4 when we use this expression?

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