14 Phone Customer Service Techniques you really Need to Master

Customer-centric companies are benefitting from increasing the service quality of their phone conversations. Making these customer interactions more personal, professional and effective can increase customer satisfaction, promote a positive brand image and increase revenue for the company.

Enhancing the customer service techniques of call center agents should therefore be a focus of any customer-centric company.

Below is a list of 14 techniques to provide amazing customer service over the phone.


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Inglés para empresas en Andalucía

I’m In On ThAt – Aprende a usar In, On, At


Do you know when and how to use the prepositions In, On and At? Are you comfortable with each one of them?

Chances are, that even if you are an advanced fluent English speaker, you will find yourself wondering which one to use when.

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BTB Episode 01 – Acentuar en Inglés

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Haz una prueba de nivel inglés gratis  ahora mismo.

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Evento @BTBMalaga 1 de abril de 2016

Consulta aquí la Agenda del Evento BTB del 1 de Abril de 2016 y utiliza el vocabulario para mejorar tu inglés de negocios, de la mano del Business Time Breakfast de U24Business.


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