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Attitude Eats Aptitude for Breakfast

Customer Service in your business


We have noticed how many of our customers in U24business concern themselves with good customer skills. More companies every day invest in training valuable members of their staff on these skills.


How good are you in Customer Service in your mother tongue? Well, the smart thing is to check what your foreign customers think about you. Their loyalty is key to your success as a business.


The happier your customers are, the higher your profits. But the same thing goes with your employees, doesn’t it? Happy employees will very likely be long term employees. And that is fabulous for the company’s operating costs. They will be significantly less should you have an ever increasing employee retention.


Most successfull leaders agree to this simple fact:

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Can I speak to a manager?

Customer service is one of the toughest jobs ever. When your job has to do with dealing with customer’s frustrations it can be a challenge.

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The ‘Every Little Helps’ business strategy – Part3

Vision, values, aims, tactics and strategies, planning and goal setting are absolutely meaningless if their impact is not monitored and evaluated. Do you agree? How do you collect data and evaluate progress against your company’s targets?

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