What is the difference between … and …?

Borrow and Lend

I bought my new car with a Personal Loan. So, the bank lent me the money and I borrowed the money from the bank.

It’s and Its

You can see the cathedral from here. It’s a very old building. Its age is 110 years.

They’re, There and Their

Although they are pronounced the same way, they have a different meaning.

There are lots of kids swimming in the sea. Their parents are watching them while they’re sunbathing.

You’re and Your

Although they are pronounced the same way, they differ in meaning.

You’re a great team player, your attitude is fantastic.

Then and Than

He had a fantastic dinner and then he went back home. This restaurant was definitely better than the one he ate at last week.

Pick up, Throw and Catch

The ball is on the floor. Can you please pick the ball up? You can then throw it to me and I will catch it.

Pick and Peak

He picked all the olives off the plate.

They picked her up at the airport.

That stunning yellow dress is definitely the pick of the range.

Last year, sales peaked in the summer.

It’s a beautiful mountain range, but the peak is always covered in snow.

Meet, Know and Can

I met my wife online, where did you meet yours?

I have known your wife since we were kids. We went to the same school.

Do you know Paris?

Do you know how to cross this river?

Can you swim?

Say and Tell

He said that this is a good restaurant.

He told me that this is a good restaurant.

She tells great stories and lots of jokes.

We told them to stop interrupting us.

We said that we do not like being interrupted.

She says that it is a good idea to prepare for this meeting.

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