/OFFJER/ «off her»

You might be saying it quite well. Could we find a way to improve your pronunciation? To help you sound clear and to speak fluently, let’s try to group the words ‘OFF’ and ‘HER’ so they sound as one word. Can you do the same thing with the words ‘OFF’ and ‘HIS’?

Remember that the sound ‘J’ in /OFFJER/ is a soft one!

She took /OFFJER/ shoes.  Se quitó los zapatos.

She took off her shoes.

She has sold /OFFJER/ shares.   Ha vendido sus acciones.

She has sold off her shares.

She told /OFFJER/ son.   Le cantó las cuarenta a su hijo.

She told off her son.

They have cut /OFFJER/ hair.   Le han cortado el pelo.

They have cut off her hair.

She’s switching /OFFJER/ computer.   Está apagando su ordenador.

She’s switching off her computer.

Why did she take /OFFJER/ shoes?   ¿Por qué se quitó los zapatos?

Why did she take off her shoes?

Has she really sold /OFFJER/ shares?   ¿De verdad ha vendido su acciones?

Has she really sold off her shares?

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