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Hiring or employing
The overall process of taking on new staff from outside the organization.

External recruitment
The process of identifying and attracting potential employees to an organization to fill current or future vacancies.

Internal recruitment
The process of identifying current employees who may be suitable for newly created vacancies or for replacing staff who leave.

The tools and techniques used by an organization to identify and measure, either quilitatively , the skills, knowledge, and potential of applicants.

The process, culminating in the decision to fill a vacancy from internal or external applicants, used by the organization to choose the most suitable candidate from a pool of applicants.

Competency profiles/frameworks
These are statements of what people need to be able to do in order to perform their job to the required standard.

Best practice
This term implies than in carrying out HR activities there is ‘one best way’ of doing things, irrespective of the context or circumstances.

Best fit
This approach decides what should be done and how it should be done based on the unique circumstances that characterize every organization. It liks action to specific requirements rather than following and established approach.

Opportunity cost
This is the cost associated with not choosing to pursue one course of action in favour of another. This is a difficult calculation but is nevertheless an important consideration when deciding which course of action to take.

Productive capacity/potential
Productive capacity expresses what employees can currently do and thus conveys their current value to the organization. Productive potential on the other hand represents employees’ future value and contribution based on future learning and development.

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