Te regalamos 5 Phrasal Verbs

¿Qué son los Phrasal verbs? ¿Te gustaría mejorar tu dominio de estos verbos tan importantes? Sigue nuestro blog. En este artículo te regalamos 5 phrasal verbs.

Phrasal verbs are verbs made of a verb and a particle.

Los verbos frasales son verbos que constan de un verbo y una partícula.
Some verbs are used without an object. I.e.: eat out

Algunas veces los verbos frasales se usan sin un objeto. Por ejemplo: comer fuera



We were absolutely shattered, so we decided to eat out.

[eat in a pub or restaurant]

Estábamos absolutamente hechos polvo, así que decidimos comer / cenar fuera.


Other examples:

to come out – publicarse

My first book came out in 2015


to take off – despegar

Our plane took off a couple of hours later than expected


to go on – continuar

She went on until the end of the session


to make out – escuchar bien, entender

Sorry, I really can’t make out what you’re saying


Escribe en un comentario al final de este post cinco frases diferentes con cada verbo, cada una en un contexto diferente (trabajo, amigos, familia, viajes, etc.)

to eat out – to come out – to take off – to go on – to make out


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11 comentarios en “Te regalamos 5 Phrasal Verbs

  1. today I’m eat out with my workmates

    next week will come out the market research

    guys soon to come out my wedding in the newspaper

    Pablo’s flight to take off now

    In the meeting I don’t to make out at CEO

  2. We eat out every Sunday at Dani’s restaurant.
    The project will be taking off next Monday.
    After the interrupción, we went on and finished our meeting.
    She did it wrong because she didn’t make out the intructions I have her.
    The project came out in 2014.

  3. We didn’t have a kitchen yet so we end up eating out

    Our app came out just three weeks ago

    The airplane will take off in five minutes

    Peter just forgot the incident and went on

    We didn’t made out almost nothing of his presentation

  4. tomorrow I will suggest to my wife to eat out so we may have time to go on discussing our trip plan for next summer . I am sure I will present a plan that you will make out quite easily. We will return home soon as I need to take off early next morning. Our idea may come out quite well among our friends.

  5. I ate out last Friday with my friends in Ecija
    Today came out the result of Galicia´s elections.
    Next week it will take off a flight to Madrid
    At 15:45 I will go on with my work
    I don´t make out your question:

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