Hotel Vocabulary Quiz

Are you ready to check your hotel vocabulary right now?

1. If you’ve never been to our city, you should take a look at our sight-seeing

a. Front desk
b. Brochures
c. Front desk

2. Sorry, we don’t have a _______ service. You’ll have to park your car yourself. 

a. Room
b. Laundry
c. Valet

3. The room has a pull-_______ couch, so it will sleep an extra person. 

a. Off
b. Over
c. Out

Couch or Sofa…

4. I’m sorry, but we don’t have any vacancies. We are fully-_______ tonight. 

a. Closed
b. Booked
c. Vacant

5. After your long conference you can relax in the 

a. Kitchenette
b. Parking lot
c. Hot tub

6. I’ll call housekeeping and ask them to bring you some fresh 

a. Ice
b. Milk
c. Linen

7. If you need to do your workout we have a _______ on the third floor. 

a. Gym
b. Restaurant
c. Library

8. You might like to voice your complaint about the rate to the 

a. Housekeeper
b. Valet driver
c. Hotel manager

9. Please put your used _______ in the basket and leave unused ones hanging on the rack. 

a. Dishes
b. Towels
c. Tissues

10. If you need a midnight snack there’s a _______ full of potato chips on your floor. 

a. Bellboy
b. Kitchenette
c. Vending machine

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