Vocabulario en Inglés para Hoteles

Te regalamos vocabulario en inglés para hoteles. Aprende expresiones útiles in no time at all!

bend the rules


to change the rules in a way that is considered as not important or serious.


Example: A lot of hotels bend their rules for VIP guests.




a strong desire or need for


Example: Pregnant women often have cravings for unusual foods.




requiring a lot of effort or attention.


Example: He was a very demanding guest, nothing was good enough for him.




the quality of behaving or speaking in a way to avoid embarrassment or upset.


Example:When delivering room service orders to guests you may see something private so discretion is important




to be greater, better than or superior to.


Example: The hotel exceeded his expectations. He hadn’t expected such good service.




to do, perform or obey a task to the correct level.


Example: Although it wasn’t easy, the chef fulfilled all of the requirements to satisfy the restaurant critic.




very selective about what one chooses, hard to please.


Example: Most children are fussy eaters and will only try new foods if they are forced.


go the extra mile


to do something more or greater than your responsibility or duty


Example: The staff went the extra mile to make sure that the guest was satisfied


let down


to disappoint or not to meet expectations.


Example: Hotels should try not to let down guests because if they do the guest may not return.




to make small a change to the form or character of


Example: The restaurant is famous for their Beef Wellington, which can be modified to a vegetarian version by using egg plant instead of beef.




a person who has made a reservation but doesn’t make use of the service


Example: The restaurant was fully booked last night but there were 7 no-shows so in the end they only served 37 covers.


pop out


to leave or go somewhere for a short time


Example: Please wait a moment, the receptionist has just popped out for a second.


sort out


to clarify, explain or resolve


Example: There were a few problems with the reservation which needed to be sorted out before the guest arrived.


take care of


to assume responsibility for the support, maintenance or treatment of


Example: The hotel employees three child-minders who can take care of your children when needed.


track down


to search for and find after difficulty


Example: It took several hours for the chef to track down a local source of smoked cheese.


try your best


do everything within your power to achieve something


Example: The manager did his best to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the guest.




not containing any meat or dairy products.


Example: Chefs often find it difficult to create exciting, tasty vegan dishes.




not containing any trace of meat or meat products.


Example: Most restaurants offer a vegetarian option as standard.


wedding reception


the party or celebration after a marriage ceremony.


Example: The hotel can organize wedding receptions for up to 300 guests.


welcome basket


a selection of products, usually complimentary, which are waiting in a guests room for their arrival.


Example: The hotel gives all guests a welcome basket containing fresh fruit, home baked biscuits and a selection of preserves.


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