Cómo Tratar En Inglés A Clientes Difíciles

Would you like to watch a fun video about waiters, clients and restaurants? Of course this never happens in real life. Please DO NOT do this at your restaurant :p

We promise you WILL learn useful ways to respond to difficult clients. Ready?

Nice sentences we want to use:

1- Hi ladies, my name is Amy, and I’ll be your waitress today, Is there anything I can get you to drink while you’re looking at the menus? 

[Horrible Complain. Did you get what it was?]

2- Well, I apologise for the food the last few times. And we will certainly do our best so that doesn’t happen again.

3- Would you like me to take the food back and bring it out in a few minutes? 

4- Madam, you are absolutely right. I apologise. I’m gonna get this fixed for you right away.

5- I had the chefs take extra special care for you. And I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience. 

Question: How would you answer to difficult clients like these?

  • Did that waitress listen to a word I said?  This stake is medium rare. I asked for medium. And I want extra gravy for my mashed potatoes.
  • Let me ask you something. How hard is your job? How intelligent do you have to be to take a food order? Jesus!

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