¿Cómo vender asesoría fiscal en inglés a expats?

Yes, it is going to be a post in English although the title is in Spanish. If you are a tax advisor for expats, how well do you sell your services in English? You are surely convinced that you offer a great service. The question is how do you sell your service?

If you are one of those who claim that you have great quality and service, you are a drop of water in the desert. Absolutely everyone is claiming the same thing.

Tax Advisor For Expats

What is that exactly? Do you know something other tax advisors don’t? Then show me. What do you give me as an expat that is different or better than the other three hundred tax advisors that say exactly what you say on your website?

Tax Optimization and Advice for Foreigners

So how are you delivering your advice? Try to paint the picture. When I start working with you, how is my experience going to be? Where will you receive me? Will you come to see me to my place? Do you work with companies or with individuals?

Do you have a tax lawyer team? Will you manage my monthly accounting? How will it be once I start working with you? How will I send you my documents? Surely you won’t make me go to your premises, will you? 😉

One of the terrifying things any expat is worried about is managing paperwork and the seemingly endless steps required to take care of taxes and calculations.

Do you have a mission statement that provides a clear compelling message to help me make a decision? Let me give you a bit of an example of a mission statement for tax advisors in English.

Does your website show your mission statement? What about your presentations and promotional material?

Your Mission Statement could look like this:

«Idea Asesores tax lawyers provide accounting and tax advice services for both companies and individuals on their tax declarations, optimisation & planning, and presentation of documents at the AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency) Whether you are a Spanish resident or not, we will provide assistance for dealing and applying with all the taxes you can encounter in Spain.«

Do you like it? Can you jot down now a few ideas to refresh your own mission statement?

Different areas to consider:

  • NON-RESIDENT TAX, for those who own a property in Spain.
  • ITP, in order to buy or rent a property.
  • PERSONAL INCOME TAX (IRPF), for income you generate.
  • WEALTH TAX, related to the value of the assets you have.
  • CAPITAL GAINS TAX, if you are considering to sell a property.
  • BECKHAM LAW, if you would like to enjoy a tax reduction as a non-resident.
  • MONTHLY ACCOUNTING for both companies and individuals.
  • BUSINESS TAXES when setting up a company in Spain.
  • REAL ESTATE TAXES involved with purchasing / selling a property.
  • PLANNING AND PRESENTATION of all the documents to the AEAT.

For us expats, a success track record is very important. Can you show that you have been managing successfully the accounting of many citizens from all around the world for many years?

Can you show me how I am going to start paying exactly what I should without worrying about doing the numbers?

How would a testimonial look like? Well, something like this:

«After helping me get my entrepreneur visa, Idea Asesores started managing my taxes. As a UK citizen who has no experience in dealing with Spanish taxes, it was a great relief having an experienced team handle this issue for me. The service provided was excellent, they went above and beyond to ensure that my taxes were up to date and that I was paying no more than needed.«

Like it? How about asking your clients to help you by writing a similar review of your services so you can share it on your social media and website?

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