List of hard and soft skills

There are many hard and soft skills. Let’s list only a few.

Hard skills Soft skills
Web development Communication skills
Microsoft office Timekeeping
Interpreting data Persuasion
Financial planning Leadership skills
Copywriting Motivation
Troubleshooting Ambition
Project management Negotiating
Programming skills Critical thinking
Social Media Marketing Creative thinking
Bookkeeping Work ethic
Spoken languages Collaboration
Adobe Creative Cloud Active listening
CRM platforms Positive attitude
Research Energy
Data engineering Enthusiasm
Design Friendliness
Diagnostics Honesty
Google analytics Confidence
Sales funnel management Problem-solving
Coding languages Adaptability
Construction Conflict resolution
Content creation Inspire people
Storytelling Mentoring
Presentation skills Empathy
Logistics Patience
Business development Cleanliness
Engineering Cooperation
Market research Emotional Intelligence
Quality assurance Influence
Technical writing Self-awareness
Affiliate marketing Networking
Editing Multitasking
Proposal writing Competitiveness
Video production Respectfulness
Auditing Independence
Carpentry Perseverance
Plumbing Dependable
Business etiquette Self-awareness
Forecasting Wit
Data presentation Persistence
Prototyping Trainable
Systems administration Public speaking
Search Engine Optimisation Understanding body language
Marketing strategy Flexibility
Facebook marketing Supervisory skills
Google Ads Delegation
Lead generation Courtesy
Online advertising Showmanship
Conversion optimization Diversity and disability awareness
Link building Accountability
DevOps Self-confidence
User Interface Design Customer service
Accessibility Team Management

How would you define hard and soft skills?

Hard skills are specific competencies, skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to perform a specific task or role. They can be learned through education and professional development. Usually, they are technical (but not always) and easily measurable.

Soft skills are personality traits, social competencies and skills, knowledge, and abilities used to perform interpersonal activities and unique tasks. Sometimes they are also called human skills.

If you could pick one set of soft skills you would like to work on to significantly improve your career, what would it be? And how do you think it would improve your outcome?

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