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Please, Please Me…

When The Beatles sang those words, they were being unintentionally and unknowingly British. How so?

The additional ‘Please’ may seem unnecessary, for most cultures, but not the english. In England you can never be too kind, you can never say please enough and you can certainly never say sorry enough!


A little bit OTT? Well, it’s certainly nice!

Keeping in mind this augmented level of politeness, how many different ways of asking for a favour can you think of?

I can think of at least nine distinct ways. Let me give you a few common ways just to get you started…

– Are you able to pick me up from the airport tomorrow?

– Could you help me with my homework please?

Now that we got the ball rolling, it’s your turn to think of the other ways.

Oh where are my manners!? Pretty Please, with sugar on top…Can you finish the list for me?*

*There you go, I just gave you another one.


Profesor U24business Marlon

Post by Marlon Tarditi, U24Business.


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