Coletillas interrogativas, ‘Question Tags’

What are Question Tags and how can you use them?

Question tags are the short questions that we put on the end of sentences – particularly in spoken English.


There are lots of different question tags but the rules are not difficult to learn.

isn’t he? – don’t you? – have you? – is she? – haven’t they?  

were they? – hadn’t he? – is it? – didn’t I? – do you? –

doesn’t she? – could they? – will you? – aren’t I? – (innit)


Let’s review a few examples:


He’s quite a good negotiator, isn’t he?


You go to Brighton on Sunday, don’t you?


You haven’t been to Cork, have you?


She’s not going to complain about it, is she?


They’ve submitted the aplication a few days ago, haven’t they


They weren’t prepared to walk away from this deal, were they?


He had gone too far, hadn’t he?


It’s not fair, is it?


I said that out loud, didn’t I?


You don’t want to return this item, do you?


She walks in a funny way, doesn’t she?


You won’t go back to Ireland until Spring, will you?




Write as a comment one sentence for each question tag you can come up with.


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4 comentarios en “Coletillas interrogativas, ‘Question Tags’

  1. You hace received the email today, haven’t you?
    She’s a good teacher, isn’t she?
    They’re not going to visit to Ireland, aren’t they?
    It’s not aceptable , is It?
    You don’t want to call him, do you?

  2. 1/We haven’t recived the payment, have we?.
    2/ You don’t unload the truck,do You?
    3/You don’t speak spanih, do You?
    4/we don’t need your car, do we?
    5/ In this moment She isvery Happy, is She?.

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